The complexity unlearning curve

A couple weeks ago in a Swift News video on YouTube, Sean Allen highlighted a tweet from @flaviocopes that plotted a developer’s journey as they choose between simple and complex software architectures.

Observing ViewModel Changes in SwiftUI

This post presents three approaches to signaling changes to the SwiftUI that I’ve found useful in various scenarios: @Published variable binding, .onChanged() events and NotificationCenter messages.

What's SwiftUI and Should I use it?

SwiftUI is Apple's new development language and paradigm for building applications for its desktop and mobile platforms. In this article I'll discuss at a high level what SwiftUI is and how businesses and developers should think about its adoption in their development planning process.

Swift Closures Field Notes

A cheat sheet of Swift closure snippets and examples I've collected over time to help get syntax and usage right the first time.

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