Thanks for visiting my web site! This is a weblog about Apple iOS & Android development, modern and intuitive software design, programming in general, and other technical subjects.

I write on this blog to share what I've learned--hopefully making it easier for others to understand.   I also believe the best way to check your knowledge on any topic is to try to clearly explain it to someone else. Writing about these topics also helps me understand them better myself.

Personal Info

I live with my loving wife, two brilliant daughters, two amusing cats and one loyal dog in Ann Arbor, Michigan (Go Blue!). When not working, I enjoy traveling with my family to see the world and experience other cultures.  

Professional Info

I've been in the software development field for about 20 years, starting as a C++ software developer creating applications for DOS and Windows PCs. I've developed software in a dozen or so programming languages--and enjoyed working with  all of them! Well, maybe not all of them...but I enjoyed learning them all.

In addition to my software development career, I've served in various related roles: I've been a corporate IT manager, startup CTO, data warehouse engineer, and have served as a consultant for Fortune 1000 companies in software development, CRM implementation and cloud infrastructure projects.

My focus today is on mobile app development for iOS, creating applications for my own development studio (Cuvenx Inc.), and consulting with awesome clients to design, build and maintain their mobile applications.  

I've been lucky to have participated in the evolution of personal computing from early standalone PCs  to today's mobile, cloud-connected devices.  I love to learn new technologies, develop new techniques, and share what I learn with others.

Open to new consulting opportunities!

I'm open to new iOS app design and development consulting opportunities. If you'd like to connect to learn more about my work and to discuss your needs, drop me a line at info@robkerr.com.

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