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Why Jetpack Compose is a game-changer for Android Development

Last week Google launched Jetpack Compose into Beta status, with a target production release of Summer 2021. In this article I'll cover at a high level what Jetpack compose is--and why it promises to fundamentally change and radically improve native Android development.

3 months ago   •   6 min read

What's SwiftUI and Should I use it?

SwiftUI is Apple's new development language and paradigm for building applications for its desktop and mobile platforms. In this article I'll discuss at a high level what SwiftUI is and how businesses and developers should think about its adoption in their development planning process.

4 months ago   •   6 min read

Using Face ID to secure iOS Applications

Biometric security like Face ID and Touch ID help make iOS mobile devices more secure and convenient for users. These technologies can also be used by 3rd-party applications.

4 years ago   •   4 min read