iOS Image Caching for UIKit Apps

In this article I'll cover a simple and straightforward approach to fetching images from remote web servers and efficiently caching them so they aren't retrieved more frequently than necessary.

2 months ago   •   5 min read

Configure Xcode Server to send SMTP Email

In this post, I’ll discuss how to configure a MacOS Xcode Server machine to route email messages to the development team via an external SMTP server.

2 years ago   •   3 min read

CI/CD with Xcode Server 10

In this article, I’ll overview the product architecture and discuss some of the plus and minus factors for using Xcode server vs. 3rd-party alternatives.

2 years ago   •   6 min read

Bridging JavaScript and WKWebKit

Using the WebKit/WKWebView techniques presented here, your native apps can be better integrated with web content and provide a superior experience to end-users.

2 years ago   •   6 min read

Easy Unit Testing of CoreData Persistence Code

This article steps through a methodology for building repeatable, automated database unit tests for iOS applications using CoreData as their persistence layer.

3 years ago   •   8 min read