Rob Kerr

Rob Kerr

App development for iOS, creating applications for my own development studio (Cuvenx Inc.), and consulting with awesome clients to build their mobile applications.

What's SwiftUI and Should I use it?

SwiftUI is Apple's new development language and paradigm for building applications for its desktop and mobile platforms. In this article I'll discuss at a high level what SwiftUI is and how businesses and developers should think about its adoption in their development planning process.

Swift Closures Field Notes

A cheat sheet of Swift closure snippets and examples I've collected over time to help get syntax and usage right the first time.

Creating an iOS bar chart in code using Swift

Displaying data in a chart is a common task in an iOS application. In this tutorial I'll demonstrate how to use Swift to create a resizable, dynamic bar chart composed of UIView elements with Auto Layout constraints entirely in code.

Swift String Field Notes

A cheat sheet of snippets and examples I've collected over time of using Apple's String class and related string processing and string manipulation techniques

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