Rob Kerr

Rob Kerr

App development for iOS, creating applications for my own development studio (Cuvenx Inc.), and consulting with awesome clients to build their mobile applications.

Firebase vs. Amplify for Mobile Development

Google Firebase and AWS Amplify are two popular mobile back-end-as-a-service (MBAAS) platforms offered by top-tier cloud services companies. Which is the better choice for your mobile app deployment?

Checking if a SwiftUI View is in Preview

SwiftUI Preview is a fantastic piece of development tooling to quickly iterate UI designs in Xcode. But sometimes the code in your view just doesn't work--or worse it crashes the preview engine. How can we work around this issue?

The complexity unlearning curve

A couple weeks ago in a Swift News video on YouTube, Sean Allen highlighted a tweet from @flaviocopes that plotted a developer’s journey as they choose between simple and complex software architectures.

Observing ViewModel Changes in SwiftUI

This post presents three approaches to signaling changes to the SwiftUI that I’ve found useful in various scenarios: @Published variable binding, .onChanged() events and NotificationCenter messages.

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